Training bursaries for counsellors, therapists and others on low incomes


If any of the courses organised by The Relational Academy make a surplus, that surplus is split equally between a fund used to pilot and develop new courses and a bursary fund to help counsellors and therapists on low incomes with continuing professional development and training.

Money from the bursary fund can be accessed to help any anyone to do any course at The Relational Academy.

Bursaries are normally either between 10% or 20% of the cost of the course. The bursary is then subtracted from the course fee, and the student needs to pay the remainder. So for example, if a course costs £1400, the bursary will be for either £140 or £280 – depending on the situation of the person applying and the amount of money left in the bursary pot. The student will then need to pay £1400 minus the bursary amount.

We normally consider counsellors, therapists and other practitioners to be on low income if they have household income levels of less than £20k/annum. These are rough figures and other circumstances or issues can be taken into account in the award.

Normally, the bursaries are not available to counsellors and therapists who have low incomes but also have access to significant savings or investments (eg pensions, property equity) or significant funds from family members.

The bursary is available to both qualified counsellors and therapists and to those still in training and to other practitioners (eg social workers, nurses, coaches, OD practitioners).

The bursary is limited by the available funds each year, which depend on whether courses at The Relational Academy have filled or not in previous years.

How to apply

Send an email to admin@therelationalacademy.org with a brief outline of your financial circumstances and information on which course you would like to use the bursary against.

We will then respond as quickly as possible to your request.